This is a character from my imaginary world. It is a creature that reflects a complex of the rule of making up universe.
I have being a good observer when I was young, when searching around of me, I was always able to find things that might be neglected by other people—both of flowers and winds are spiral, just like the mode of DNA, my vessels and flashlight looked like the shape of branch, , spider web has the similar “net – like” structure with cells under microscopes… I started to question myself, is that some kind of formats or principles to rule this world?
I knew it is holographic theory when I grow up. It means the world is an unfiled whole with each part holographical connected. Also each part contains other parts, and it is included in other parts. Therefore, there is no “part”, because every part is a relatively independent individual.
So the project is based on Holographic theory whether the processing of making it or the result itself. It conveys a growing feeling from microcosm to macrocosm, indicated a circulation that no matter what it is , it always can be broken down to smaller pieces or united to bigger one.
I named it “Unfolding”.
I used different colours of jersey T-shirt, by deconstructing them to suggest a complete one can still be one, or reconstructing them with other yarns by twisting, hand weaving and crochet, to indicated the idea of unity.
Different weight of yarns were also involved to create complicated patterns and colours of “invisible world”. I added plastic balls to mimic the eyeballs as well.
The final result is a wearable textile art piece worn by me with a video installation.

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