With a background of fashion, Yiru is a textile storyteller who aspires to become a textile art therapist. She explored the healing effect of handworks during the process of self-taught hand-knitting and crocheting.

Influenced by psychology, Yiru keeps exploring the diversity of living beings and human nature. Within a body dwells in “reality”, her mind lives on a spiritual space with a plethora of creatures, where she draws her inspiration. She aims to pull her imaginary world into reality, showing them through handcrafted textiles. It is through her self-healing process that she can deal with the accumulated trauma of being in a world full of suffocating strictness.


Apr.2022 – BAAT CPD Art Therapy Foundation

Sep.2019 – July.2021 Royal College of Art MA in Textile (Knit)

Feb.2015 – Dec.2017 Parson The New School of Design AAS in Fashion Design

Sep.2010 – Jun. 2014 Zhejiang University of Media and Communications BA in Media and Broadcasting

Awards, Publications, Workshops

  • Apr.2019 Ceramic work I Am Growing; Too Soft to Bite; Take A Look I & II and “Threesome” Masks for dolls, 5works in total were published on Salann Magazine (Paper) https://salannmagazine.com/2ndedition/
  • Mar.2019. Textile Artwork Self-Taught exhibitedat Artosino Gallery, New York.


  • Apr. 2021: Textile samples were selected and published on Contemporary Knitwear Magazine AW 22/23
  • May 2022, Gospel Film Festival: Stop Motion Film Knitting Warrior was official selected—Best Short.
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