I introduced some of my friends from my mental world by this project, It is a series of paintings, as well as sculptures at the side inspired by this.
Almost every girl want to have a castle with beautiful dolls, so did I. My family situation was not good when I wanted to have imported fancy porcelain dolls. My parents rejected to buy me any so I could only meet them in my dreams.
My girly fantasy princess world started to collapse because of unpleasant school life. The beautiful dolls were all change in my mental world, they became sort of monster-like superhuman with abilities to deal with any situation. It reflected my dream of getting stronger enough to protect myself.
With experimenting of drawings, I also make dolls from them. Now my dream is come true, I don’t need to buy normal cute dolls, I made them in my own whimsical way.
The final work would be a serious of drawing displayed with mixed-media dolls.

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