In N Out

It is a creature that shows the duplicity characteristic of human beings.
People are multifaceted. They usually act diversely in different situations, and that is how interesting the human beings are. But sometimes It is also scary, because we never know what are people really look like under the human skin.
I pick suits as my ideal object because it is the symbol of people who are well-educated, decent and respectable in most of occasions. However, when they take off the suit, who knows what they would be? According to this idea, I made fuss on the lining of the top suit. Combining with recycled t-shirt and stuffing, I machine knitted some part then mixed with hand knitting as well as crochet.
The final result is a wearable soft sculptures that is reversible. I made a video to show how it transformed and how different the behaviour would be when the same character wearing the suit on the different side.
I also worn it and performed outdoor.

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